Once a popular hostelry in Maida Vale and, in a former life, the Shirland Hotel, The Truscott Arms was waiting in the wings for its next big moment. Enter the Fishwicks. Award-winning theatre director Andrewson  and his wife Maria Jane came upon the Truscott in November of 2012 and instantly saw the potential in a brilliant space for a new kind of quality local. Their mission was to create an amazing new place to eat and drink in Maida Vale – one designed to please the eyes, engage the taste buds and enhance the well-being of all who enter its faithfully restored, impeccably appointed portals.

The Fishwicks have left no stone unturned to achieve a remarkable transformation, right down to the last details – from their meticulous sourcing of London’s best microbreweries, to handpicked, English-designed cutlery. All these features and more have been combined to make The Truscott Arms not only one of Maida Vales best places to eat and drink, but a cosy oasis where laughter is shared and memories are made. The Truscott Arms has now become incredibly popular with residents in Paddington and surrounding areas, probably down to the close proximity of Paddington Station. So if your looking for places to eat around Maida Vale, why not give The Truscott Arms a try?